Sebastian Clarin – Tongue Particles

Sebastian Clarin - Tongue ParticlesSebastian Clarin, the tal­en­ted Swedish artist, has returned with his latest work 'Tongue Particles' from his debut album 'Aerial Cuts'. This song fea­tures a subtle homage to the 80s. The com­bin­a­tion of con­tem­por­ary sound and retro-inspired ele­ments cre­ates a fas­cin­at­ing atmosphere.

'Tongue Particles' is an extremely catchy track that imme­di­ately draws the listen­er in. The har­mon­ic sounds cre­ate a dreamy mood that lit­er­ally floats through the music. The clear and crisp syn­thes­izer sounds cre­ate an almost heav­enly aura that trans­ports the listen­er into anoth­er world.

The vocals in this song are par­tic­u­larly remark­able. It is strongly remin­is­cent of the great synth-pop stars of the 80s, whose names I can't think of right now. Nevertheless, Sebastian Clarin's voice con­veys a pleas­ant famili­ar­ity that imme­di­ately cap­tiv­ates the listen­er. It is this warmth and famili­ar­ity that makes the song so spe­cial and gives it a nos­tal­gic charm.

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