Seratonal – Time Just Marches On (Feat. Seven Words)

Seratonal - Time Just Marches On (Feat. Seven Words)Seratonal takes us on a jour­ney back in time to the synth pop her­it­age of the 80s with their latest hit 'Time Just Marches On (Feat. Seven Words)'. From the very first notes, this track cata­pults us back to the era of neon lights and dazzling out­fits. A feel­ing of nos­tal­gia flows through you, as if you've pressed the time-lapse but­ton on a retro cam­era and sud­denly found your­self in the dec­ade of the synth revolution.

The sound­scape that 'Seratonal' has cre­ated here is remin­is­cent of the innov­at­ive days of OMD and Gary Numan, coupled with the son­ic soph­ist­ic­a­tion of Duran Duran. But do they stand up to the com­par­is­on? The answer is a resound­ing yes. 'Seratonal' have man­aged to not only cap­ture the essence of that era, but also put their own time­less stamp on it.

Paul Adams (Seven Words), show­cas­ing his warm and emo­tion­al voice, adds anoth­er dimen­sion to the song. His vocals float above the pulsat­ing synth arrange­ments, cre­at­ing an atmo­spher­ic link between past and present. The vocal sim­il­ar­ity to Simon Le Bon (Duran Duran) is phe­nom­en­al on this song.

The dynam­ics of 'Time Just Marches On' are remark­able, with the smooth trans­itions between catchy melod­ies and power­ful beats tak­ing the listen­er on an emo­tion­al roller­coast­er. The old-school synth sounds add a pleas­ant warmth to this track, cre­at­ing a famil­i­ar yet fresh atmosphere.

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