Soft Faith – New Light

Soft Faith - New LightSoft Faith from the USA have delivered a real synth pop treat with their song "New Light", which will burn itself into the ears of the fans. This track is a trib­ute to the genre and offers a mas­ter­ful real­isa­tion of the synth pop sound without rein­vent­ing the wheel. But some­times you just don't need a revolu­tion, you just need a per­fect exe­cu­tion, and that's exactly what we get here.

The song begins with an extremely crisp beat that inev­it­ably encour­ages you to bob along. Immediately notice­able is the fat bass line, which forms a sol­id found­a­tion for the entire piece. But the real high­light is the vocals, which offer a suc­cess­ful mix­ture of gloom and pop appeal. You can lit­er­ally lose your­self in these melodi­ous sounds.

Particularly remark­able is the rous­ing bridge, which starts at 01:30 minutes and car­ries a hint of "The Cure". Here Aaron Thompson shows an impress­ive vocal pres­ence as he deliv­ers the lines "Please, get down on your knees" with pas­sion. Even for those who nor­mally don't like gui­tar music (like me), this track is an abso­lute highlight.

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