Sydney Valette – Adieu

Sydney Valette - Adieu'Adieu' is a fant­ast­ic synth-pop track by French artist 'Sydney Valette', fea­tured on his album 'Home Alone' (no, this has noth­ing to do with the Hollywood com­edy of the same name). This catchy song is sung in both French and English and fea­tures haunt­ing vocals and irres­ist­ible melodies.

'Sydney Valette' describes 'Adieu' as "An Italo Disco break-up song that takes on a sail­ing epic feel". While some might expect an Italo Disco influ­ence, the sound is actu­ally closer to synth-pop/­syn­thwave, with hints of clas­sic dark wave influ­ences. Soundwise I would rather draw a com­par­is­on to bands like 'Glass Spells' and here we are more in synth pop / syn­thwave area. But the vocals bring in more dark­ness of a clas­sic dark wave song. The res­ult is a fant­ast­ic mix that is sure to delight listeners.

The track's crisp beat and clear, pre­dict­able struc­ture make it per­fect for dan­cing. The middle bridge adds an excit­ing ele­ment to the song, tak­ing the listen­er on a son­ic jour­ney form the french part to the eng­lish part of the song. We have some new great entries on our pop­u­lat Spotify playl­ist 'New Synth Pop Songs 2023' that also con­tained genre related music. Listen, like, fol­low and share now:

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Lyrics of 'Sydney Valette – Adieu'

Je n’te rever­rai plus
Tes yeux si bleus
Et mes espoirs déchus

A l’ombre des pierres
Eclate le firmament
Les tombeaux de nos peres
Dans un ecrin d’argent

Je m’en vais
Sans retour en arrière
Et pro­fonde est la plaie
Dans le coeur de la terre

Serment d’avenir
Un futur incertain
Adorné de zéphirs
Si beaux mais si lointains

You are going your way
But I can’t stop think­ing anyway
Something big, deep and blue
Happened between me an you

Me and you
Me and you
Me and you…

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