Temperature Falls – Survivor

Temperature Falls - SurvivorThe synth pop song 'Survivor' by the Norwegian duo 'Temperature Falls' begins with beau­ti­fully weird sounds like a typ­ic­al Depeche Mode open­er. The song is taken from the album 'Protagonist'.

The genre mix is quite excit­ing, because besides the just men­tioned open­er style, 90s trip hop ele­ments are also included. This makes the sound a bit more spe­cial and also some­how groovy. The only cri­ti­cism I have is that there are some­times too many instru­ments, beats and har­mon­ies over­lap­ping. This par­tially over­whelms the listen­er and less would have been more.

Temperature Falls says about the song Survivor: "Song about not giv­ing up no mat­ter how shit it gets and how many times you fall in that shit.".

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