The Black Celebration – Damn, This Soul

The Black Celebration - Damn, This SoulA band called 'The Black Celebration' should sound like 'Depeche Mode', right? And the joy is great, because it does! 'The Black Celebration' lives up to their name with their latest single 'Damn, This Soul',  a fant­ast­ic ode to old-school synth pop that takes its cues from legendary acts such as Depeche Mode, Camouflage, and The Human League. This Swedish band expertly chan­nels the clas­sic sound of the genre while put­ting their own unique stamp on it. The band's influ­ences are evid­ent in every note, yet they man­age to cre­ate some­thing fresh and exciting.

With this single, 'The Black Celebration' demon­strates a great deal of poten­tial and I am eager to see where their jour­ney will take them next. If they con­tin­ue down this path, I am con­fid­ent that they will quickly find a home with­in the synth pop scene and cul­tiv­ate a devoted fanbase.

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