The New Division – Nosedive

The New Division - NosediveWith the song 'Nosedive' by the US band 'The New Division', the band walks a little on the path of their col­leagues 'Julien‑K'. I mean this com­par­is­on with full respect and of course only pos­it­ively. The song has a slight rock atti­tude, but is still elec­tron­ic enough for us.

Everything about the song is where it needs to be and sounds super har­mo­ni­ous at all times. The dynam­ics are right with the tempo of the music and I love how the bridge slides almost unnoticed into the outro. Simply brilliant!

I would also like to give a brief pos­it­ive men­tion to the cov­er art­work. Minimalist and super styl­ish. The design is remin­is­cent of the good 5 1/4" floppy disc. Well, who still knows them?

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Lyrics of 'The New Division – Nosedive'

I took a nose dive down to wake up
I couldn't come back to life
I grabbed the fur­niture to wash out
All of the blood that you bled out

Running again away from the lies
Thought I'd come back home to a place I belong
Gambling away, I'm fictionalized
I empath­ize with you broken down traumatized

When will you call me?
When are you calling?

I took a nose dive down to wakeup
I couldn't come back to life
I grabbed the money off the counter
I blew it all on the market

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