The New Division – Nosedive

The New Division - NosediveWith the song ‘Nosedive’ by the US band ‘The New Division’, the band walks a little on the path of their colleagues ‘Julien-K’. I mean this comparison with full respect and of course only positively. The song has a slight rock attitude, but is still electronic enough for us.

Everything about the song is where it needs to be and sounds super harmonious at all times. The dynamics are right with the tempo of the music and I love how the bridge slides almost unnoticed into the outro. Simply brilliant!

I would also like to give a brief positive mention to the cover artwork. Minimalist and super stylish. The design is reminiscent of the good 5 1/4″ floppy disc. Well, who still knows them?

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Lyrics of ‘The New Division – Nosedive’

I took a nose dive down to wake up
I couldn’t come back to life
I grabbed the furniture to wash out
All of the blood that you bled out

Running again away from the lies
Thought I’d come back home to a place I belong
Gambling away, I’m fictionalized
I empathize with you broken down traumatized

When will you call me?
When are you calling?

I took a nose dive down to wakeup
I couldn’t come back to life
I grabbed the money off the counter
I blew it all on the market