Red Mecca – New Horizon

Red Mecca - New HorizonSweden's elec­tron­ic music scene once again deliv­ers an impress­ive con­tri­bu­tion, and this time it's "Red Mecca" with their latest track "New Horizon" from the 2023 album "Stay". The uplift­ing synth-pop bal­lad strikes the right note to soothe our minds and awaken romantic rev­er­ies at the same time.

From the very first sounds, "New Horizon" cre­ates an atmo­sphere of relax­a­tion and intro­spec­tion. The soft syn­thes­iser sounds clev­erly inter­weave with the singer's warm voice, cre­at­ing a sound­scape that takes us on a jour­ney of emo­tions. The romantic mood of the song is enhanced by the haunt­ing melody and lyr­ic­al depth.

The lyr­ics of "New Horizon" speak of the exper­i­ences of isol­a­tion dur­ing the pan­dem­ic. It's a theme famil­i­ar to many, but "Red Mecca" man­ages to address this idea in a way that sig­nals hope and new begin­nings. When the chor­us kicks in, we lit­er­ally feel the weight of times past fall from our shoulders, and our eyes turn to the "new hori­zons" that lie ahead.

The mix­ture of dark pop and synth pop gives the song a unique touch. The deep, pulsat­ing bass anchors the track in the dark, while the glit­ter­ing synth hooks provide glimpses of light. "New Horizon" com­bines these seem­ingly con­tra­dict­ory ele­ments into a har­mo­ni­ous whole that is both mel­an­chol­ic and hope­ful.

With "New Horizon", "Red Mecca" has cre­ated a song that caresses the soul and stim­u­lates the mind at the same time. The romantic and relax­ing mood the track cre­ates makes it the ideal accom­pani­ment for moments of self-reflec­tion or for dream­ing. The com­bin­a­tion of catchy melody, pro­found lyr­ics and mas­ter­ful pro­duc­tion makes "New Horizon" a high­light in the world of elec­tron­ic music.

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Lyrics of 'Red Mecca – New Horizon'

Long time no see my friend
Tell me now what's been happening
We haven't talk for months and months again
I've been locked up, but I want out
No more rules to fol­low, no more break­ing the laws
A forced vaca­tion from what I love
My body's been numb, I cried for you
For the hours we lost, the time that flue
A spir­al out of control
Standing here with my undressed hair
All gates are open, just like that, it's weird
The over­whelm­ing free­dom, yet to come
It's time to fly
It's time to fly
I can feel the horizon
I can feel the horizon
The horizon
A remind­er of the impossibility
Only meet in vir­tu­al reality
A smell of death, a scare of life
The things I no longer couldn't do for you
Like nor­mal things, like talk to you
A vaca­tion from what I love
I still feel numb, I still cry for you
For all we lost and time that flue
The wolves still gardes the door
Your face have changed since we met last time
Now gates are open,just like that
A free­dom, yet to come
It's time to fly, fly
It's time to fly
I can feel the horizon
I can feel the horizon
The horizon
It's time to fly

Red Mecca about 'New Horizon'

New Horizon – a slow beau­ti­ful elec­tron­ic track from the duo's forth­com­ing 7th album – Stay. A song about find­ing a new love or just the feel­ing of free­dom after isol­a­tion. Great vocals by Susanne Jonsson and great elec­tron­ic music­al land­scape by Jan Strandqvist.

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