Thy Veils – Influx

Thy Veils - InfluxThe song 'Influx' by the Romanian band 'Thy Veils' starts with a pretty cool and almost min­im­al­ist­ic synth pop sound. As it pro­gresses, how­ever, it becomes more and more com­plex and inter­woven, but nev­er loses its ori­ent­a­tion. The drums remind me a little of the 'Songs Of Faith And Devotion' era. The song is taken from the album 'Next Forever'.

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Lyrics of 'Thy Veils – Influx'

Heart is like the moon
Bright in the deep green pool
Nothing can com­pare with it
You tell me how this can be

There is a way I ride
Ocean of stars inside

When the sky’s awake
And the moon shows it’s bright face
Wind and grace and shore
It comes and goes but not through doors

Thy Veils about 'Influx'

‘Influx’, part of THY VEILS’ upcom­ing stu­dio album ‘Next Forever’, is a funk-infused for­ward-think­ing celes­ti­al and super­son­ic trip through space and time. Lyrically, 'Influx' finds its bal­ance between the wis­dom of legendary zen poet Han Chan (Cold Mountain) and Daniel Dorobantu’s tran­scend­ent­al poetics.

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