Total Chroma – Such Filth

Total Chroma - Such FilthThe song 'Such Filth' by the Canadian band 'Total Chroma' leads dir­ectly into the dark area of elec­tron­ic music. The song is from the album 'L A P L A N D' (This spelling is men­tally killing me!). With its deep beats and float­ing syn­thes­iser sounds, it makes the dark hearts beat faster. Although the track is sup­posed to be inspired by EBM of the 80s, in my opin­ion you can rather hear dark wave influences.

But that's what makes the song so spe­cial: it com­bines both genres in a unique way, cre­at­ing a dark atmo­sphere that invites you to dance. With a tempo of 120bpm and a clear 4/4 beat, 'Such Filth' is a song that vir­tu­ally urges your feet to dance.

But it is above all the power­ful sound that trans­ports the listen­er into anoth­er world. A sound that fits won­der­fully into the young dark wave gen­er­a­tion of bands like 'Buzz Kull' or 'Ghost Cop'. It is nice to see that dark wave is exper­i­en­cing a renais­sance and bands like 'Total Chroma' are con­trib­ut­ing to this revival.

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Total Chroma about 'Such Filth'

Total Chroma emerges as the brainchild of Robert Katerwol (Wire Spine, Weird Candle), who unleashes a deluge of fren­et­ic synths, cos­mic caco­phon­ies, and swift, immers­ive sound­scapes with “Such Filth.” This unset­tling, dysto­pi­an track delves into themes of sur­veil­lance and oppres­sion with a raw, emotive human touch woven into the edgy, arpeg­gio-laden syn­thpunk sound­scape, which Katerwol describes as a ‘repet­it­ive man­tra that cel­eb­rates beauty emer­ging from dark­ness and dirt, and filth.’

The EBM inspired num­ber was writ­ten spe­cific­ally for late night secret dance parties in ware­houses with the inten­tion of being a clev­er club banger.

“I just try to cram some them­at­ic non­sensic­al cliches beneath the veil of meta­phys­ic­al mel­an­choly,” he jokes. “How can I sneak some philo­soph­ic­al nug­gets of ran­dom wis­dom into a song that people would hope­fully dance to at 3:00 am?!!”

How, indeed. Strap on your Docs and immerse your­self in the mire of the night….because, as Katerwol quips, “from the filth grows louts.”

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