Train To Spain – Prisoner

Train To Spain - PrisonerIf you're in the mood for some synth pop with a touch of 80s nos­tal­gia, then Train To Spain's latest single 'Prisoner' is the tune for you. This melod­ic elec­tro­pop track has an ener­get­ic and uplift­ing beat that will have you tap­ping your feet and sway­ing to the rhythm.

Vocalist Helena Wigeborn is on top form, deliv­er­ing the troubled lyr­ic­al theme with a new level of intens­ity that will send shivers down your spine. And that bass beat! It's rich and invit­ing, urging you to dance like there's no tomorrow.

The bridge with the recor­ded voice samples is pure 80s, but it's also kind of cool. Train To Spain has taken that retro sound and giv­en it a mod­ern twist, cre­at­ing some­thing that's both fresh and nos­tal­gic at the same time. BTW: You also can find a great Remix Version by 'Uncreated' on Spotify.

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Train To Spain about 'Prisoner'

Helena and Jonas of Swedish elec­tro­pop act Train To Spain are pre­par­ing for the deliv­ery of their 4th full-length album later this spring. Following the pre­vi­ous four singles (Dobidoo, The Breeze, Remember September and Shed No Tears) last year, here's anoth­er taste, the first for 2023.

Prisoner is writ­ten togeth­er with the band's cur­rent pro­du­cer Michael Lövgren (Milo Blue) and for this release we proudly add a remix made by their former pro­du­cer Patrik Hansson (Uncreated).

Helena tells us about the lyr­ic­al theme of Prisoner: "I think many people can relate to the feel­ing of some­times being stuck in dif­fer­ent con­texts where you don't feel com­pletely at ease. But for vari­ous reas­ons it can be dif­fi­cult to get out of them, which can give a feel­ing of impris­on­ment. To be torn between free­dom and oblig­a­tions, to do for one­self what is right or what feels right."

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