Train To Spain – Shed No Tears

Train To Spain - Shed No TearsAlmost like typ­ic­al 80s com­mer­cial pop, the Swedes 'Train To Spain' present their song 'Shed No Tears'. But with a few subtle effects and full syn­thes­izer use, they just man­age to take the curve in the synth pop / elec­tro pop dir­ec­tion.

In my opin­ion, 'Train To Spain' should not be more tend in dir­ec­tion of radio-friendly songs, because this song is already on a knife edge. Unless the change is inten­tion­al, but that would also involve a shift in the fan base. I am curi­ous to see if 'Shed No Tears' remains a main­stream out­ing or if the dir­ec­tion of travel changes. What do you think about the song? Drop us a line in the com­ments.

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