Dark – Nyctophilia

Official music video 'Nyctophilia' per­formed by 'Dark'.


Take me by my hands, embrace me in your arms
Surround me with your shad­ows, forever

Hallowed be your darkness
The midnight’s solitude
As soon as the moon is shin­ing, I belong to you

A ghostly lib­er­a­tion, in the dark­ness of the night
The end­less mys­tery beneath your starry sky

Embrace me in your shad­ows, I’m liv­ing for the night
My love for the dark­ness fills my heart

A love so kind and gentle
Beyond the time­less time
In your arms I’ve found my truth
Your moon is my only light

I walk the path of shad­ows, the jour­ney of the dark
You’re always there for me,
I’m a sin­ner you’re my vice

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