Faderhead – I Did Not Know (Feat. Solar Fake)

Official music video 'I Did Not Know (Feat. Solar Fake)' by 'Faderhead'.


I fear that my soul will burn
Afraid of the pain I earned
I open my eyes and turn to stone
I did not know

When we hope for a sign of order
So the world won't break
Cause we know that life could spin away
When we see what's across the border
And we see the stakes
Then we know the uni­verse can't wait
Can't wait
Can't wait

When we dream of a new tomorrow
So the fear won't stay
Cause we know that our inside's always frayed
When we live every­day in sorrow
And we burn with hate
Then we know that the world around will cave

I did not know – I did not know

Look around
Find out
Seek truth
Be you

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