Fatal Aim – Nevermind

Official music video for the synth pop song 'Nevermind' per­formed by the Russian band 'Fatal Aim'. 'Nevermind' is a fant­ast­ic song with pro­found lyr­ics. The band has played their way into my heart with excel­lent cov­er ver­sions. And there have been quite a few. Here is the selec­tion so far:

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Unworthy… Unspoken
Unheard… I'm done…


I won't stay inside
The book you won't finish
And set it on fire.

That is why
I'm leav­ing tonight
Without any luggage
Not say­ing "good­bye".


Unspoken… I'm wordless,
An extra in your films…
Stay silent and moveless
To notice this world spins

On some "Nevermind"s

The trick is to try
To be someone you notice
And keep in your mind…

Watch the mak­ing of the 'Fatal Aim – Nevermind' music video

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