IAMX – Stalker

Official live visu­al­izer for 'Stalker' per­formed by 'IAMX (Feat. Kat Von D)' taken from the album 'Alive In New Light'.

Lyrics of 'IAMX – Stalker'

I know you’re aching to be saved
From all the bull­shit and banality
Sacredly I have watched you grow
You’ve conquered all the self-loath­ing and high hopes

I saw you giv­ing me the signs
The per­fect pic­ture that you get my life
Now all my oth­er gods are dead
Hallelujah to the apo­ca­lypse in my head

Knock knock
I am here for you
Who’s there?
Just the etern­al fool

I will be your shadow
I will fol­low you
Never let you go

You are a siren in my dark
You need me now like I’ve needed you from the start
I will pro­tect you from yourself
I will nev­er let the anger con­sume or des­troy you again

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