The Mystic Underground – Those Evil Urges


The Mystic Underground - Those Evil Urges

Official music video ‘Those Evil Urges’ performed by ‘The Mystic Underground taken from the release ‘Protagonist‘. Produced and directed by William Murray, featuring the talents of Sarah O’Connor and Brendan Gaffey.

You can also get this fantastic track on our Electrozombies compilation ‘Undead And Open-Minded: Volume 2‘.


i’ve got time to spare and you, the spite
quite clear we’ve something in common
so much to share
no mark to hit or miss
we’ll talk of love and war, of sacrifice
whilst in the throes of passion
i’ll toss, you turn
no time to waste on morbid thoughts of home

those evil urges inside have consumed us
the night’s promise is gone by the morning
held down and been swallowed up
i’m not sorry

you’ve got charm to spare and I, the guilt
money is too loose to mention
my hands are bare
I guess this means goodbye
before you place the cash on the dresser
promise what’s done here remains here
we’ve got mouths to feed
our sordid lives await out there
lust, guilt, shackles round my neck
tighten their grip when I touch you
no place to hide and home is much too far away

those evil urges have betrayed us