Absurd Minds – Tempus Fugit

Absurd Minds Tempus Fugit

Album facts

Release: January 22nd, 2017
Label: Dark Dimensions Label Group
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An album for the growing age

After more than 20 years of band his­tory the new album title 'Tempus Fugit' is very accur­ate. Because the mer­ci­less time is the main theme of the album. The songs on 'Tempus Fugit' are real ser­i­ous and pro­found and leaves you thought­ful and humble. At least I felt that way after listen­ing to this hon­or­able work. Mostly all tracks are played in the mid-tempo range, and sounds con­tinu­ously aggrieving.

A fact by the way

Everytime when I listen to an 'Absurd Minds' song, it sounds to me like an typ­ic­al 'Project Pitchfork' song. I think that is mainly due to the fact that the voices of Stefan Großmann (Absurd Minds) and Peter Spilles (Project Pitchfork) sound sim­il­ar dark, gloomy and sooth­ing.

A time travel with memories of the past

The open­er begins with a moody low-tempo dark tone beat. Electrically dis­tor­ted voices and a touch of ori­ent­al women's singing and instru­ments give 'Time Travel' a unique char­ac­ter. For an album intro­duc­tion this is the per­fect choice. The second track 'Farewell' is def­in­itely more catch­i­er, but nev­er­the­less a radio pop song. The song takes a lot of time in the com­pos­i­tion of the struc­ture, but feels beau­ti­ful at the begin­ning of the chor­us. Fans of the 90s dark disco will love these tunes.

Times ticking by

'Now We Hear The Call' opens itself bit­ter­sweet and full of emo­tions to the listen­er. The mel­an­choly is par­tic­u­larly emphas­ized by the long-drawn viol­ins. The lyr­ic­al line 'Times tick­ing by' travels hyp­not­ic­ally from the left to the right chan­nel in the bridge. This leaves unpleas­ant memor­ies in my emo­tion­al world. However, this song also gives the listen­er a cer­tain hope.

Absurd Minds official promo picture
Absurd Minds – Band photo 2017

Time to dance

The song 'One World' has a little bit of a typ­ic­al 'Covenant' club hit. Although not quite as fast, but with more feel­ing. But the tempo is clearly increased with the fol­low­ing 'For Those Who Love'. We still move in the mid-tempo area, but this could def­in­itely be a dance floor hit. Here, finally, a clas­sic e‑piano melody is used, which gives the song an excel­lent 90s EBM painting.

Thoughtful tunes

At the end of the second third, 'Threnody' awaits us. Here it is a little more gentle on the album, but this power­ful song comes along with an incred­ibly catchy chor­us. The lyr­ic line 'We know noth­ing at all' will hall in your mind for a long time. Wise words for a truly sad and grace­ful song.

If the 'Pet Shop Boys' made a gloomy Synth Pop song with Darkwave influ­ences, it would sound like 'Design Or Coincidence'. The track has prob­ably the strongest pop factor on 'Tempus Fugit', and comes with an uncom­mon ease on the album. 'Design Or Coincidence' is a Pop song to be taken ser­i­ously. We really love this kind of genre combination.

Having a black celebration

The album is a black cel­eb­ra­tion of times that passed by. A trace of lost memor­ies and farewells that hurt. 7 long years we had to wait for a new 'Absurd Minds' album. The matur­ing pro­cess is almost unbe­liev­able.

We didn't expect a such strong album, but we really enjoyed every minute on 'Tempus Fugit'. If you have the long­ing to travel to some bleak times, then you should ensure to have 'Tempus Fugit' in your bag.

By the way, this album also made it into our art­icle ‘The best Synth Pop and genre-related albums 2017‘. Read now.

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Absurd Minds Tempus Fugit
Absurd Minds – Tempus Fugit
Time Travel
Now We Hear The Call
One World
For Those Who Love
Last Walk
Design Or Coincidence
One World
For Those Who Love
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