Black Nail Cabaret – Dichromat

Black Nail Cabaret - Dichromat (Album Cover)

Album facts

Release: December 23rd, 2017
Label: Basic Unit Productions
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The dark season gets a darker album

This is the first Electrozombies review in 2017. We already planed to release this review in end of 2016, but dur­ing the hol­i­days our privat life has a high­er pri­or­ity. Nevertheless, we don't want to hold back this excel­lent Darkwave album any longer. Be pre­pared to listen to an album that lives in the twi­light. It catches the deep­est feel­ings from a even deep­er bot­tom of your soul. 'Black Nail Cabaret' call their music genre simply 'Pop Noir', and that's exactly like hit­ting the bull's eye.

Beautiful sad tunes

‘Dichromat’ is an emo­tion­al roller­coast­er through bleak times and dark pas­sions. The first song 'Sister Sister' shows clearly the dir­ec­tion of the whole album. Which doesn't mean that all songs sounds the same. It's more the mood and feel­ing of the song that is mainly com­par­able. Like the open­er all songs moves in the mid-tempo range, and the under­tone is mostly mel­an­chol­ic. The com­plete album is filled with dark elec­tron­ic sounds, noises and effects that gives you the feel­ing of a cold and emo­tion­less indus­tri­al age. It's a sim­il­ar feel­ing to the early '80s songs of 'Anne Clark'.

Tearily teasers

Currently 'Black Nail Cabaret' released two promo music videos for 'Dichromat' so far. The first one 'We Like To Suffer' was already released in October 2016. The beat and sound reminds me unavoid­able to some songs of Depeche Mode's album 'Ultra' (1997). It also includes the sporad­ic elec­tric gui­tar that was typ­ic­al for the 'Ultra' album.

Black Nail Cabatet - Photo by Raphael Preston
Black Nail Cabatet – Photo by Raphael Preston

In November they released anoth­er great track called 'Therapy'. This song sounds in a very pleas­ant way famil­i­ar to me. First it might sound bright­ful and prom­ising, but it leaves your heart cheer­less and saddened. The heav­enly howl­ing voices while the intro and bridge sup­ports and amp­li­fies the des­ol­ate feel­ing of the song.

This time we will not go into almost all the songs in this review. As I already men­tioned all songs on 'Dichromat' are bloody awe­some. You can eas­ily con­vince your­self, because 'Black Nail Cabaret' allows you to pre listen the whole album on their Bandcamp page.

We like to suffer

Finally this album reminds me to a scene of the series 'IT Crowd'. The key sen­tence is: "It got me through some pretty bleak times. […] It sounds hor­rible, but it's actu­ally quite beau­ti­ful.". We really enjoyed 'Dichromat' even it hasn't any high rated peaks, but over­all it has a con­tinu­ously song qual­ity. We will def­in­itely keep an eye on BNC, and fur­ther­more we highly recom­mend you to buy 'Dichromat' if you are a fan of elec­tron­ic Darkwave music with pro­found lyr­ics.

By the way, this album also made it into our art­icle ‘The best Synth Pop and genre-related albums 2017‘. Read now.

Track By Track Rating

Black Nail Cabaret Dichromat
Black Nail Cabaret – Dichromat
Sister Sister
Freak Of Fancy
We Like To Suffer
Decay Avenue
Minor Panics
Lower The Shutters
Comfort Zone
We Like To Suffer
Decay Avenue
(Nothing to report here)
Ultra dark