Essence Of Mind – Indifference

essence of mind   indifference


When electronic music rocks!

If you like Synth Pop and guitars, then you can’t ignore the genre Electrorock. And in this case you should prick up one’s ears to ‘Essence Of Mind‘. Because the album ‘Indifference’ is a first class Electrorock album. Certainly there are some average songs on this album, but overall this is a great album that rocks!

Perfect fusion

The title given song ‘Indifference‘ is a strong and heavy song, and the chorus line ‘My desperation hunts me. It’s like I’ve lost all control.’ is super catchy.

My personal highlights are ‘It’s Killing You’ and ‘Desperate Times’. Both tracks are more powerful and dynamical, and I think the link between Synth Pop and Rock is much better connected. Buy now to bang your head!

Track By Track Rating

essence of mind   indifference
Essence Of Mind - Indifference
The Opening
It's Killing You
Some Kind Of Entertainment
In The Night
No Denial
Aldri Mer
Desperate Times
In Line
It's Killing You
Desperate Times
The Opening
High Voltage