IIOIOIOII – Post Brimstone EP [Expanded Edition]

IIOIOIOII_Post_Brimstone_Expanded_EditionThe upgrade of an EP

Chris Gurney expands his last year released ‘Post Brimstone EP’ with one brand-new song and 3 remix versions. I didn’t getting a promo last year of the ‘Post Brimstone EP’, accordingly I didn’t listen to the EP yet. That means I can not judge if the extended content is worth to buy it again, in case you have already purchased last year.

Like all of a piece

The opener ‘Face Them All’ is awesome and couldn’t been chosen any better. Strong and strange electronic samples interrupts the slow tempo beat time by time. The second song ‘We Are the One‘ that also appeared as official music video doesn’t need to hide on this EP.

The remix version from ‘Avarice In Audio’ is gorgeous as well. Further I strongly recommend to listen to the tracks ‘One Moment’ and ‘In Disguise’.

I love this EP with the first listening, even when I think there is some air to improve.

IIOIOIOII is an Apoptygma Berzerk fan

Furthermore Chris also participate this year on the Electrozombies release ‘Apop We Love You – A Tribute To Apoptygma Berzerk‘ that is out now on all major digital channels. He take part with a wonderful version of ‘Kathy’s Song (Come Lie Next To Me)’.

Track By Track Rating

IIOIOIOII Post Brimstone Expanded Edition
IIOIOIOII - Post Brimstone EP [Expanded Edition]
Face Them All
We Are the One
Second Chance
One Moment
Until There's Nothing Left of Us
In Disguise
One Moment (Nature of Wires Remix)
We Are the One (Avarice in Audio Remix)
Second Chance (SOLVE Remix)
Face Them All
One Moment
In Disguise
Until There's Nothing Left of Us