Pet Shop Boys – Electric

Pet Shop Boys - Electric

A successful reparation

Before I begin to pour the album with flowers, I have to get rid of a few serious words. I’m a fan of ‘Pet Shop Boys’ since my early childhood. The debut album ‘Please’ was one of my first original cassette tapes I own. And I’m always open-minded when an artist decides to try new ways.

Unfortunately, the last album ‘Elysium’ has disappointed me in each possible way. If you ask me something about ‘PSB’ that time, I surely would reply something stupid like: “Their career is sadly over!”. Thank god, I was so wrong! For a moment I forgot that I’m a non-believer. ;-)

I am electrified

‘Electric’ is a rather unusual Pet Shop Boys album, but much better than its predecessor ‘Elysium’. It sounds like in a strange way futuristic electric, as it would be from another time.

The most catchy songs are ‘Vocal‘, ‘Thursday‘ and ‘The Last To Die’. These tracks are typical ‘PSB’ pop anthems. I love the new album, even the almost instrumental opener ‘Axis’ sounds totally cool, and bring you in the right mood for this gorgeous album.

‘Electric’ contains only 9 songs, but I prefer more 9 strong songs instead of 18 mediocre tracks. Dear Neil and Chris again you set my heart in flames. Thank you so much for getting back to your strengths.

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Track By Track Rating

Pet Shop Boys - Electric
Pet Shop Boys - Electric
Love Is A Bourgeois Construct
Inside A Dream
The Last To Die
Shouting In The Evening
The Last To Die
(Nothing to report here)