System Syn – No Sky To Fall

System_Syn_-_No_Sky_To_FallImprovement done

With ‘No Sky To Fall’, ‘System Syn‘ do a lot better than on the previous album ‘All Seasons Pass‘. Overall sounds the whole album more danceable and tends more in the direction of the Futurepop genre.

Futurpop with an 80s vibe

The opening and title-given track ‘No Sky To Fall’ is a catchy and memorable song with an unusual mid-tempo beat. The second one ‘The Privileged’ comes with a subtle 80s vibe, but sounds awesome fresh.

The first time I listen to ‘Daydream From A Deathbed‘, it reminds me on some ‘New Order‘ songs of the 80s. This is also an awesome track!

On the whole I am very satisfied with the album, even if it has some flaws and contains no Uber-hit. Nevertheless, the basis of a solid Synth- and Futurepop album that I can recommend in good conscience.

Track By Track Rating

System Syn No Sky To Fall
System Syn - No Sky To Fall
No Sky To Fall
The Privileged
The Boys Who Make The Music
Hide And Seek
Daydream From A Deathbed
Breathe In
Truth And Consequence
A Prayer Of Ending
No Sky To Fall
The Privileged
Daydream From A Deathbed
Fresh 80s