Telekon – Hope For Believers

Telekon - Hope For Believers

Album facts

Release: May 19th, 2017
Label: ScentAir Records
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They belief in Synth Pop

'Hope For Believers' is the debut album from 'Telekon' and for the first attempt it's a strong one. 'Telekon' is the music­al pro­ject of Juan Grande (Techni-ka) and Raúl Muñoz-Torrero (Insight). The album is released throught the Russian Synth Pop label ScentAir Records. Those were the hard facts.

A few months ago, the band applied with their song 'In The Darkness' to be on our com­pil­a­tion 'Undead And Open-Minded: Volume 2'. For us, it was clear from the first listen­ing that we had to offer the band a plat­form. BTW: You can down­load our com­pil­a­tion for free (or pay what you want to sup­port) on our Bandcamp channel.

Now we've received the debut album and we will check if 'Telekon' can hold the qual­ity on a full long-player.

Old values count

The first song 'Restless Days' has already star­ted with a clas­sic Synth Pop song com­pos­i­tion. The samples aren't excep­tion­al, but rather remin­is­cent of the 80s. But everything sounds extremely crisp and also full retro! The open­er makes you want more.

The second track sounds con­sid­er­ably more mod­ern. The bass beat has a lot of kick and the syn­thes­izers are from our time. Overall, 'Promise Of Radio' is more power­ful, more syn­thet­ic and with a touch of SciFi.

Other theme, same sound

The third track 'Shining Lights' is a clas­sic Synth Pop song as well. A cer­tain ste­reo­typ­ic­al roman­ti­cism with a feel­ing of excite­ment in the chor­us is attached to it. I find the organ in the bridge some­how enter­tain­ing. This would prob­ably sound in a sci-fi movie that would have been shot in the 70s.

'Time' is really a pleas­ure to listen to. Although quite the same dance­able beat will con­tin­ue as in the plays pre­vi­ously here, the song has more dynam­ic and ton­al vari­ety. The mood in 'Time' can be described as pos­it­ive promising.

The mood darkens

The song 'In The Darkness' opens up a dif­fer­ent path from 'Telekon', more muted and mel­an­chol­ic. This track excels in the mood, ten­sion and sound on the album. Long-drawn notes, e‑gui­tar-like samples and a glomy melody make the song some­thing special.

In the first few seconds I asso­ci­ate the beats of 'Lost For The First Time' with the world fam­ous song 'Radio Ga Ga' from 'The Queen'. Who has the same asso­ci­ation? Write your opin­ion now in the com­ments. Of course the song has its own sound. 'Telekon' has released this track as the second single. Here is also a touch of mel­an­choly to sense but the very pop, dance­able sound leaves no deep feelings.

The node has burst

'King Of Nothing' has almost a kind of Future Pop beat. Here 'Telekon' really tried some­thing dif­fer­ent on the album. I find the track very suc­cess­ful and would rank it qual­it­at­ively some­where between 'Assemblage 23' and 'VNV Nation'. I would like to hear more of this son­ic change on the pos­sibly second album of 'Telekon'.

Also the pen­ul­tim­ate num­ber 'Be Grateful For What You Have' shows more cour­age and teeth. Soundtechnically, the whole thing sounds a bit after a mil­len­ni­um. This isn't a big prob­lem, as it's a bit more vari­ation in 'Hope For Believers'.

A new hope?

In gen­er­al yes, but the album is very straight and con­tains not too much vari­ety. It's a bit of a pity that almost one work­ing for­mula has been set up here. Moreover, the Spanish accent is quite hard to hear in some places.

No doubt, 'Hope For Believers' is an abso­lute, pure-blooded Synth Pop album that you can't go wrong with. So if you like the single releases 'In The Darkness' and 'Lost For The First Time', then we can recom­mend you the album to 100%.

As a bonus the album con­tains 5 remix ver­sions of the two singles 'In The Darkness' and 'Lost For The First Time'. These tracks are mixed by Nórdika, Uncreated, WANTed, Cyborgdrive and Dieddro.

By the way, this album also made it into our art­icle ‘The best Synth Pop and genre-related albums 2017‘. Read now.

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Telekon Hope For Believers
Telekon – Hope For Believers
Restless Days
Promise Of Radio
Shining Lights
In The Darkness
Lost For The First Time
My Sorrows
King Of Nothing
Be Grateful For What You Have
Turn Around
Promise Of Radio
In The Darkness
King Of Nothing
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