Holy Wire - Phantom Nihilism
The song 'Phantom Nihilism' performed by the US artist 'Holy Wire' is a song that made it's way to Electrozombies after a few bumpy attempts. 
OMD - Enola Gay
Official music video 'Enola Gay' performed by 'OMD' taken from the album 'Organisation' (1980).
Traumship - Way Out
The French-German band 'Traumship' hits all the right notes with their latest single 'Way Out'. This is a synth-pop, new wave masterpiece.
Dead Cool - Stranger Kind
Official music video 'Stranger Kind' performed by 'Dead Cool'. Produced, edited and directed by Rick Badger. Shot by Bradley Pearce.
William Control - Sex Cult
A cult, sexy album! The album 'Sex Cult' is a superb addition to William Control's discography and much catchier then the previous releases.