Finest Electropop
Parralox - Genesis
3 years after the last studio album ‘Subculture‘, the Australian Electropop band Parralox presents their new work ‘Genesis’. Read More
Mental Exile - Renegades
Official music videos 'Renegades' performed by 'Mental Exile' taken from the EP 'Exile Nights'. Directed by Achilleas Gatsopoulos. Read More
Tempers - Capital Pains
Official music video 'Capital Pains' by 'Tempers' taken from the album 'Private Life'. Directed & Edited by Zev Deans. Read More
Ollie Wride - Back To Life
Official music video 'Back To Life' performed by 'Ollie Wride' taken from the album 'Thanks in Advance'. Directed by Brad A. Kinnan. Read More