Solar Fake interview – We ask. Sven answers!

Solar Fake - 2018

Sympathetic Sven Friedrich in an interview with Electrozombies

Why is the world doomed and streaming services always suggest crap? Sven Friedrich is a patient kid of the 80s and will answer these questions among others about the new album ‘You Win. Who Cares?’.

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I’m grateful to have you guys for an interview. How are you?

Sven: “Oh, I’m ok, thanks. Quite exhausted after all this work and the release show we had last Friday ;-) But I’m really sorry for my late reply… it’s just been too stressful recently…”

Congrats to your 5th studio album. Are you proud/happy of the final result?

Sven: “I’m never much proud, but I’m very happy with the result. The album represents me 100%, it’s exactly what I wanted to do and it turned out exactly the way I wanted it.”

In 10 years this is already your 5th studio album besides some EPs and Live albums.
What is your biggest motivation to handle this workload?

Sven: “Well, it’s what I love the most. I love playing live and I love creating new music, so it’s not a burden at all, it’s fun, most of the time.”

Is there any particular change in the current production?

Sven: “Not really. I produced the whole album in my studio and I worked the way I always do. It’s really easy if you don’t depend on someone else, you can just work whenever you feel like it… It’s truly great if you start songwriting in your production environment and just develop the songs until they’re finished.”

What was the greatest or funniest moments while producing ‘You Win. Who Cares?’?

Sven: “Oh, I don’t know… Since I work alone there aren’t many funny moments… The best moment was when I had the mastering done and the 2nd best was when I had all the songs written ;-)”

The album title and artwork seem to be politically motivated? If so, please tell us about the theme and if you believe in a future for mankind?

Solar Fake - You Win. Who Cares?
You Win. Who Cares? Album artwork

Sven: “I actually don’t believe in a future for mankind, I’m pretty sure we’ll manage to end human life on earth quite soon. Maybe that’s a good chance for this beautiful planet.

The album title is not only political. You can find situations where these words fit everywhere, even in the most trivial … like a red light, the queue in the supermarket… and it goes up to political leaders who believe they have to play their childish games at the cost of everyone else.”

Tell our audience in max. 3 sentences why they should buy ‘You Win. Who Cares?’.

Sven: “In my opinion, it’s the best Solar Fake album we’ve ever made. If you want to dance, to scream and to sing along, this album is for you. If you only like happy and unoffending lyrics, you should buy something else.”

What is the focus of your creative process: Music or lyrics first?

Sven: “I always write the music first, but I usually write the vocal melodies at the same time. But to write the lyrics I need to feel the music. I’m not a poet, I need music to write words ;-)”

What are your personal favourite tracks on this album and why?

Sven: “I do love all the songs, of course. Otherwise, they wouldn’t be on the album. I think “Invisible” is a bit outstanding, music-wise. People seem to like ‘Sick Of You” a lot, probably because it was the first song released ;-)”

The setting: “The DJ in your favourite disco must urgently leave and he asks you to represent him”.
What does your spontaneous DJ set look like (List maximum 10 tracks)?

Sven: “Oh well, that definitely depends on the audience… But I’d try”

What is the most valuable (limited edition) album in your collection?

Sven: “I have a vinyl single of The Cure “Close to me”, released in the GDR, and I had Robert, Simon and Porl sign it when we had the chance to open for them with my band Zeraphine back in 2005… Think that’s quite special ;-)”

What are your favourite, latest band/artist discoveries that you also would recommend to Electrozombies and its readers?

Sven: “I pretty much like “Adam Is A Girl”, it’s a Berlin based Electro Pop Duo, really cool.”

With which band or artist would you like to record a song together?

Sven: “Oh, a lot! There are many artists I already worked with, but the list is still very long… Like Robert Smith, Siouxsie Sioux, Kim Wilde, Inga Humpe… there are many…”

What’s your personal creative hotspot or the place that offers you the most ideas?

Sven: “Oh, I can write at any place where it’s quiet. I get most of the musical ideas when I walk with my dog or alone, cause then my mind is free of the daily stuff everybody needs to deal with… But I can also sit in my studio and have good ideas… Just need to cut the internet connection and shut down the phone ;-)”

What important life wisdom would you have given yourself 20 years ago?

Sven: “Just don’t worry too much, it’ll all be good ;-)”

Tell me a particularly good and a bad property of you.

Sven: “A good one might be that I’m very patient and I never try to harm any animal. A bad one might be that I’m bored very easily and that I don’t take much interest in anything, which could be a result of a quite exciting life…”

Which bands/artists were your musical idols as a kid?

Sven: “As a kid, I was a fan of Nik Kershaw, Lloyd Cole and Kim Wilde. But when I turned 12 or 13 I heard The Cure, The Sisters of Mercy, Joy Division, Siouxsie & the Banshees, The Smiths and stuff like that and I totally fell in love with that kind of music and I still love it!”

Do you listen to music rather casually or consciously, possibly connected with a ritual?

Sven: “No ritual, but when I listen to new music for the first time I really concentrate on it. I always want to read the lyrics when I hear a song to get the full impression. Well, when I like the song or the album I listen to it over and over again. When I don’t like it first, I usually give it more tries (see, I can be patient) and sometimes I discover real treasures… but sometimes I don’t…”

What media do you use to stay musically up to date?

Sven: “Usually Internet and yes, Electrozombies too! My streaming accounts always suggest crap… I don’t know what they need all my data for when they only suggest such awful music… However, sometimes friends tell me about new bands as well…”

Do you listen to music over speakers or headphones?

Sven: “Both, but most of the time I use headphones.”

Your last words to our audience?

Sven: “I really hope you like our new album and maybe we’ll see each other on one of our upcoming shows, In 2018 we have shows in Germany, UK, Ukraine and Finland and next year starts with our German tour. Looking forward to seeing you!”

Thank you very much for your precious time to have this interview with us.