Ductape – Closer

Ductape - CloserIn the heart of the Turkish music scene, a new pearl has revealed itself, filling the dark hori­zon of dark wave with fresh energy. Ductape, a band that was pre­vi­ously only known to insiders, breaks out of the shad­ows with their latest work "Closer" and presents a piece that not only cap­tiv­ates con­nois­seurs of the scene, but also new­comers. The song is part of the album "Echo Drama".

"Closer" is a remark­able example of the fact that the Turkish dark wave scene has more to offer than the already estab­lished greats such as "She Past Away". Ductape suc­ceeds in build­ing a bridge between the nos­tal­gic sound of the 80s with typ­ic­al ele­ments such as clap­ping hand sounds and the mod­ern inter­pret­a­tion of the genre. With ele­ments remin­is­cent of the legendary "The Cure", par­tic­u­larly through the use of sim­il­ar gui­tar sounds, the song trans­ports an atmo­sphere that is both famil­i­ar and refresh­ingly new.

The mood of the song is infused with a ser­i­ous, dark aura that does not, how­ever, have an oppress­ive effect. Rather, "Closer" man­ages to devel­op a cer­tain energy that cap­tiv­ates the listen­er and takes them into a world that is both mel­an­chol­ic and revital­ising. The female vocals blend seam­lessly into the music­al fab­ric, giv­ing the song an added depth that per­fectly com­ple­ments the emo­tion­al land­scape of the track.

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Lyrics of "Ductape – Closer"

Blackened sky and the crows
In your eyes I’ve seen them all
You and I, we have to die
Feel my cold hands come closer to me
Closer to death

Ease the pain
Embrace the end
Unchain your sad soul
Come closer to me
Closer to death

Let me call on taste­ful sorrows
Set us free and take me close to the end
Let me call on taste­ful sorrows
Set us free and keep me close to the end
To the end

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