Herr Talman – Body Hair

Herr Talman - Body HairArtist Herr Talman from Sweden has delivered an ener­get­ic EBM hit with his latest track "Body Hair" that will get the dance floors shak­ing. This song is a trib­ute to the clas­sic EBM era and cre­ates an infec­tious mood that will get the hips swinging.

"Body Hair" presents a fast-paced tempo that lit­er­ally invites you to dance in clas­sic EBM square. The extremely ener­get­ic beats cre­ate a pulsat­ing atmo­sphere that will delight EBM lov­ers. What makes this song stand out are the diverse voice samples and sounds that Mr Talman has skil­fully woven into the pro­duc­tion. These give the song "Body Hair" a cer­tain DNA strand of 80s new beat. This gives the track a unique and nos­tal­gic touch that takes the listen­er on an elec­tron­ic jour­ney through time. The com­bin­a­tion of mod­ern EBM ele­ments and this touch of retro charm makes the song an abso­lute listen­ing pleasure.

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Herr Talman about 'Body Hair'

What star­ted as an explor­a­tion of AI-gen­er­ated vocal samples in an old-school EBM con­text developed into a dance­able banger for the mod­ern age. Addressing a crit­ic­al theme largely over­looked by the body music scene, fueled by Herr Talman’s sig­na­ture under-lay­er of irony, Body Hair brings a smile to your face and entran­cing energy to your sound sys­tem. Even the mas­ter­ing engin­eer couldn’t sit still. Hey! Ho! Let’s go! 

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