Monoplastic Shape – Falling Down

Monoplastic Shape - Falling DownThe song 'Falling Down' is a con­tem­por­ary cold wave / dark wave song by the Italian band 'Monoplastic Shape' taken from the album 'Linearity'. With a clear bass line and an indif­fer­ent atti­tude, the track comes mer­ci­lessly and almost bru­tally cold to the ear. The sounds itself are very warm and the mix­ture of elec­tron­ic and acous­tic instru­ments is very well bal­anced. So it's quite an excit­ing con­trast that 'Monoplastic Shape' has built up with 'Falling Down'.

Among oth­er great bands also this track is part of our Spotify playl­ist 'Synth Pop Newcomers 2021'.

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