Vlimmer - Luftmangel
Dive into the dark world of Vlimmer's 'Luftmangel' - a melancholic dark wave song with nostalgic synth elements.
Vogon Poetry - Time
'Time' by 'Vogon Poetry' is a lively and energetic synth pop track that embodies the band's signature sound.
Wire Spine - Safe
Wire Spine from Canada presents "Safe" - dark wave that is gloomy, sad and club-ready at the same time. A must for genre lovers.
Wrené - Hideous
Enjoy the grime, told me the Canadian artist 'Wrené' for her dark wave tune 'Hideous'. The song is taken from the EP 'Dark Matter'.
XOR - Waiting
XOR's "Waiting" is an energetic mix of 80s synth pop and modern electro, full of playful samples.