And One – We Want More

Official music video 'We Want More' per­formed by 'And One'. The track was ini­tially planed for the 'Achtung 80' part of the 'Magnet (Trilogie I)' release.


every day without a sin is like to lose a win
every night without you let raise the voice within
cur­tain falls any­how the wait is over now
here we are with you

here we are right in your arms
we feel like diving warm
touch­ing hands and sweety smiles
it feels like candy storm

would you mind tow keep on riding
'til lights turn dark and cold
but before
scream encore
we want more
we want more

side by side with you
stars turn into blue
you melt into the crew
what they gonna do?

stay tonight in the sea of light
don’t you want to die on our dancefloor
we want more

when we leave you've got the right to cry
kill your­self and die
maybe now or never
but before
you've got to scream encore
we want more

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We know that you also have a favour­ite 'And One' album. Match it right now with our art­icle 'What is the best And One album ever?'.

Further, to hon­our the band, we have released the trib­ute com­pil­a­tion 'Anode (An Electrozombies trib­ute to And One)' in 2021. If you might have missed it, go and get it now:

Anode - An Electrozombies tribute to And One

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