Beyond Obsession – The Bottom Line (Depeche Mode cover)

Official music video 'The Bottom Line (Depeche Mode cov­er)' per­formed by 'Beyond Obsession' taken from the com­pil­a­tion 'Music For Constructions'.

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Lyrics of 'The Bottom Line' originally by Depeche Mode

Like a cat
Dragged in from the rain
Who goes straight back out
To do it all over again
I’ll be back for more
It’s something
That is out of our hands
Something we will nev­er understand
It’s a hid­den law
The apple falls
Destiny calls
I fol­low you

Like a pawn
On the etern­al board
Who’s nev­er quite sure
What he’s moved towards
I walk blindly on
And heav­en is in front of me
Your heav­en beck­ons me enticingly
When I arrive
It’s gone
The river flows
The wise man knows
I fol­low you

I’m yearn­ing
I’m burning
I feel love’s wheels turning

Like a moth on love’s bright light
I will get burned
Each and every night
I’m dying to(o)
The sun will shine
The bot­tom line
I fol­low you

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