Apoptygma Berzerk – Imagine There Is No Lennon


'Imagine There Is No Lennon'

Wow! What an incred­ibly strong album title. This alone has stim­u­lated me for hours to think over! The album title is a lyr­ic­al line from the song 'Weight Of The World' from the album 'Rocket Science'.

I already know this lyr­ic line before, but put it out indi­vidu­ally the effect is much stronger. Only while listen­ing to this line make my hair raise up on my arms!

Review of the full DVD show

An almost per­fect live album! All my favour­ite 'Apop' songs in one big live per­form­ance. I just miss­ing the track 'Suffer In Silence'. This one instead of 'Butterfly Effect' and it would be nearly a full 5‑star rating!!!

For these great tunes over the last dec­ades I will always be an Apop-Fan. I grate­fully thank you guys. 

The rat­ing belongs to the com­plete show of the DVD disc on this release. I choose to review the DVD that con­tains 17 songs instead of 12 from the CD ver­sion. It's a sin to just miss one of these mas­ter­pieces.

Track By Track Rating

apoptygma berzerk imagine there is no lennon
Apoptygma Berzerk – Imagine There Is No Lennon
Weight Of The World
Mercy Kill
Asleep Or Awake?
Lost In Translation
In This Together
Black Versus White
You Keep Me From Falling Apart
Until The End Of The World
Butterfly Effect
Bizarre Love Triangle (New Order Cover)
Kathy's Song
Shine On (The House Of Love Cover)
Non-Stop Violence
(Almost all songs)
(Nothing to report here)

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