Apoptygma Berzerk – Rocket Science


Conspiracy theories and science fiction

“Pleased to meet you, we came to drop bombs on you”: a robotic voice introduces the opening track ‘Weight Of The World’. What an awesome moment listening the first sounds after almost 4 years since the last regular album, and beside of the cover album ‘Sonic Diary’.

This album is fully packed with hits. The concept of the album follows various conspiracy theories and science fiction themes.

Never change a running system

Again the ‘Rocket Science’ is more Electrorock than Futurepop. It already worked perfectly for the precursor ‘You And Me Against The World’. So there is no use in changing this setup. This time it’s about more fine tuning, and ‘Apop’ did it very successful on ‘Rocket Science’.

My highlights are next to the phenomenal opener ‘Weight Of The World’, ‘Apollo (Live On Your TV)‘, ‘Green Queen’ and heavy Electrorock song ‘Pitch Black / Heat Death’. This record is a must-have!

Track By Track Rating

apoptygma berzerk rocket science
Apoptygma Berzerk - Rocket Science
Weight Of The World
Apollo (Live On Your TV)
Asleep Or Awake?
United States Of Credit
Green Queen
Butterfly Defect
State Of Your Heart (Shit End Of The Deal)
Rocket Calculator
(Right Arrow)
Pitch Black/Heat Death
Black Versus White
Trash (Suede Cover)
Weight Of The World
Apollo (Live On Your TV)
Green Queen
Pitch Black/Heat Death
United States Of Credit
Rocket Calculator

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