Pre/Verse – Obstacles

preserve obstacles


An almost perfect debut

Rough EBM beats with fantastic sounding electric guitars and a touch of Synth Pop, this is Pre/Verse. I’m extremely happy that I had found by accident concerning the music video ‘Trace Of Water‘ this great band. You should definitely check it out!

Independent, but catchy tunes

Pre/Verse’s music is extremely catchy but still has its own character. Beside the first music video that I saw, I recommend you the songs: ‘Truth Hurts‘ and ‘Goddess Of Seduction’. Both songs truly deserve the 5-Star rating. Only the opener ‘No Faith In My God’ and ‘My Shadow Track Has A Gun’ are rather mediocre.

Track By Track Rating

preserve obstacles
Pre/Verse - Obstacles
No Faith In My God
Trace of Water
Truth Hurts
Bringing Me Home
Black Tender
World Of Lemons
Goddess Of Seduction
The Feeling Is Back
My Shadow Has A Gun
Truth Hurts (Rotersand Remix)
Trace of Water
Goddess Of Seduction
(Nothing to report here)
Almost perfect