Spectra Paris – Modernism

Listen now to the elec­tro pop album ‘Modernism’ per­formed by ‘Spectra Paris'.

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The track list of ‘Spectra Paris – Modernism’:

  1. Flying Onlookers
  2. Devious
  3. Moondrops
  4. Infection Party
  5. Naughty Girl (J5mm 2022 Mix) feat. John Fryer
  6. Graphic Music 1.0 (instr.)
  7. Poison Fresh
  8. MOroDERN feat. Fakeba
  9. Indigo Cypher
  10. Vacanze Romane
  11. Just a Cigarette
  12. Angry Bite
  13. Ogre's Horizon
  14. Poison Fresh (Doctor Phibes Mix)

Release Date: August 26th, 2022
Label: Dependent
Discogs: Spectra Paris – Modernism

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