Undead And Open-Minded: Volume 7

Undead And Open-Minded: Volume 7We spit musical nails on you

OMG. Already writ­ing the head­line feels so cringe! So let's quickly get to the essen­tials. It's hap­pen­ing again! We're already into the sev­enth round with our care­fully cur­ated Synth Pop and genre related com­pil­a­tion 'Undead And Open-Minded'. As always, you'll find the best new Synth Pop acts on the scene. Listen in, dis­cov­er and become a fan is the goal.

Mandatory note

In gen­er­al, the com­pil­a­tion is 100% com­pletely free to down­load via our Bandcamp web­site. Just keep in mind that your dona­tion sup­port is the key for more high-value and first-class com­pil­a­tions in the future. Further, we greatly appre­ci­ate your dona­tion because only togeth­er we can keep the Synthpop scene alive. We thank you in advance for your support!

Album art­work is based on a image by Rodolfo Clix and Juan Augustin. The images are provided for free private and com­mer­cial usage by pexels.com.

Tracklist of Volume 7:

  1. Downupright – One Two Three Bodies
  2. Just A View – Save Me
  3. Daniel Hall – Corruption
  4. Silona – Haunted Mothers
  5. China-Touch – Different Face
  6. Halo's Eve – A Greater Pride
  7. Split Vision – Sinful Love
  8. Violet Silhouette – There Is No Way Out
  9. The Fair Attempts – Signals
  10. Palmy Chiller – Sad Girl
  11. Denial Waits – Tumbleweed
  12. BEKIMACHINE – Colours
  13. Foxy Panic – Blue Light
  14. Cavono – Desires
  15. IRYS – Circles
  16. Victorian Death Photos – Radium Girls

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