Undead And Open-Minded: Volume 7

Undead And Open-Minded: Volume 7We spit musical nails on you

OMG. Already writing the headline feels so cringe! So let’s quickly get to the essentials. It’s happening again! We’re already into the seventh round with our carefully curated Synth Pop and genre related compilation ‘Undead And Open-Minded’. As always, you’ll find the best new Synth Pop acts on the scene. Listen in, discover and become a fan is the goal.

Mandatory note

In general, the compilation is 100% completely free to download via our Bandcamp website. Just keep in mind that your donation support is the key for more high-value and first-class compilations in the future. Further, we greatly appreciate your donation because only together we can keep the Synthpop scene alive. We thank you in advance for your support!

Album artwork is based on a image by Rodolfo Clix and Juan Augustin. The images are provided for free private and commercial usage by pexels.com.

Tracklist of Volume 7:

  1. Downupright – One Two Three Bodies
  2. Just A View – Save Me
  3. Daniel Hall – Corruption
  4. Silona – Haunted Mothers
  5. China-Touch – Different Face
  6. Halo’s Eve – A Greater Pride
  7. Split Vision – Sinful Love
  8. Violet Silhouette – There Is No Way Out
  9. The Fair Attempts – Signals
  10. Palmy Chiller – Sad Girl
  11. Denial Waits – Tumbleweed
  12. BEKIMACHINE – Colours
  13. Foxy Panic – Blue Light
  14. Cavono – Desires
  15. IRYS – Circles
  16. Victorian Death Photos – Radium Girls

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