Undead And Open-Minded: Volume 8

Undead And Open-Minded: Volume 8Black rose for black hearts

New music in the genre synth pop, elec­tro pop, dark pop, dark wave and sim­il­ar was more than enough in 2021. I don't know exactly how many thou­sands of sub­mis­sions we received in 2021, but it was actu­ally suf­fi­cient for 3 Undead And Open-Minded com­pil­a­tions. And we are very picky about the song selection.

On Submithub our accept­ance rate cur­rently stands at just 10.2%. That means that out of 10 songs sub­mit­ted, one makes it onto the Electrozombies site. But not all of them will make it onto the offi­cial com­pil­a­tion! Here we sort again, so that we really release a com­pil­a­tion with high qual­ity songs, where we want to sup­port the artist or the band and intro­duce them to a large audience.

Mandatory note

In gen­er­al, the com­pil­a­tion is 100% com­pletely free to down­load via our Bandcamp web­site. Just keep in mind that your dona­tion sup­port is the key for more high-value and first-class com­pil­a­tions in the future. Further, we greatly appre­ci­ate your dona­tion because only togeth­er we can keep the Synthpop scene alive. We thank you in advance for your support!

Tracklist of 'Undead And Open-Minded: Volume 8':

  1. Raindancer – Farewell Forever Yesterday
  2. The Brute : – Driving To You
  3. Mr Robokov – Dance With Me
  4. Hackitt – Sulfur
  5. Daniel Hall – Invader
  6. Audity Freak – Matter Of Trust
  7. Neontenic – Set Me Free (Feat. Lisa Kant)
  8. Retrodict – Stars We Seek (Feat. Martha)
  9. Split Vision – Into The Blue
  10. Hatif – Dissolve
  11. Munatix – Fool Around
  12. River Huxley – Synthetic Violence
  13. Biflex – Downshifter
  14. Scam Avenue – Tides
  15. Man From Space – Ugly Heart (Feat. Huong Su)
  16. Season Of The Senses – Young & Strange
  17. Electric Sol – Gotta Know
  18. Orpheus In Red Velvet – Wrong Premise (Short Version)
  19. Antiage – Oxytocin

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