Undead And Open-Minded: Volume 3

Electrozombies - Undead And Open-Minded: Volume 3

We know you've been waiting for this

Volume 3 con­tains awe­some artists like 'Ray Noir' who has fresh and suc­cess­fully crowd­fun­ded his album pro­duc­tion. We're really excited to listen to his album soon. Check out his gloomy track fea­tur­ing Mariann Rosa 'All Alone' on this compilation.

Further we're proud that the Australian Electropunker 'Angelspit' has con­trib­uted two tracks to this com­pil­a­tion. 'Lorelei Dreaming' is pro­duced by Angelspit and 'Hardcore Pong' is a side pro­ject by Angelspit. Both songs are def­in­itely worth listen­ing to. The typ­ic­al hand­writ­ing is clearly aud­ible in the songs. Which means you can expect Electropunk on the limit!

Another side pro­ject is 'Analoge Stereoide' which is an emer­ging pro­ject fea­tur­ing musi­cians of the bands 'Alphamay' and 'Rozencrantz'. And then we have a young and extremely tal­en­ted artist named 'Mei Ohara' on board, which reminds us strongly of the young 'Björk'.

An exquisite selection

All oth­er tracks have been selec­ted from a large amount of sub­mis­sions. So you get only the cream pieces for your soph­ist­ic­ated ears. We hope you will enjoy this com­pil­a­tion that was made with a lot of pas­sion and you'll spread the word around the world.

In gen­er­al, the com­pil­a­tion is 100% com­pletely free to down­load via our Bandcamp web­site. Just keep in mind that your dona­tion sup­port is the key for more high-value and first-class com­pil­a­tions in the future. Further we greatly appre­ci­ate your dona­tion because only togeth­er we can keep the Synthpop scene alive. We thank you in advance for your support!

Tracklist of Volume 3:

  1. digit­al ENERGYTrust (Electrozombies Version)
  2. Ray Noir – All Alone Feat. Mariann Rosa
  3. Lorelei Dreaming – Echo Chamber
  4. SoftwaveOn And On And On (Jerrys Alternate Version)
  5. Analoge Stereoide – Freie Fahrt für Liebe (Early Mix)
  6. Clayfeet – Severance
  7. St George – Citylights
  8. Mei Ohara – Biophile
  9. Electro Bromance – Euphoria
  10. Hardcore Pong – Let's Ride
  11. A Million Machines – Undivided
  12. Superikone – Wir spielen an Maschinen
  13. Ryden – The Devil's Work (Zombiefied Mix)
  14. The Holists – Lurking
  15. Dr. Woman – White Ships
  16. Tactile Frequency – You Move Me
  17. Joe Wood – Alone

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