Undead And Open-Minded: Volume 3

Electrozombies - Undead And Open-Minded: Volume 3

We know you’ve been waiting for this

Volume 3 contains awesome artists like ‘Ray Noir‘ who has fresh and successfully crowdfunded his album production. We’re really excited to listen to his album soon. Check out his gloomy track featuring Mariann Rosa ‘All Alone’ on this compilation.

Further we’re proud that the Australian Electropunker ‘Angelspit‘ has contributed two tracks to this compilation. ‘Lorelei Dreaming‘ is produced by Angelspit and ‘Hardcore Pong‘ is a side project by Angelspit. Both songs are definitely worth listening to. The typical handwriting is clearly audible in the songs. Which means you can expect Electropunk on the limit!

Another side project is ‘Analoge Stereoide‘ which is an emerging project featuring musicians of the bands ‘Alphamay‘ and ‘Rozencrantz‘. And then we have a young and extremely talented artist named ‘Mei Ohara‘ on board, which reminds us strongly of the young ‘Björk‘.

An exquisite selection

All other tracks have been selected from a large amount of submissions. So you get only the cream pieces for your sophisticated ears. We hope you will enjoy this compilation that was made with a lot of passion and you’ll spread the word around the world.

In general, the compilation is 100% completely free to download via our Bandcamp website. Just keep in mind that your donation support is the key for more high-value and first-class compilations in the future. Further we greatly appreciate your donation because only together we can keep the Synthpop scene alive. We thank you in advance for your support!

Tracklist of Volume 3:

  1. digital ENERGYTrust (Electrozombies Version)
  2. Ray Noir – All Alone Feat. Mariann Rosa
  3. Lorelei Dreaming – Echo Chamber
  4. SoftwaveOn And On And On (Jerrys Alternate Version)
  5. Analoge Stereoide – Freie Fahrt für Liebe (Early Mix)
  6. Clayfeet – Severance
  7. St George – Citylights
  8. Mei Ohara – Biophile
  9. Electro Bromance – Euphoria
  10. Hardcore Pong – Let’s Ride
  11. A Million Machines – Undivided
  12. Superikone – Wir spielen an Maschinen
  13. Ryden – The Devil’s Work (Zombiefied Mix)
  14. The Holists – Lurking
  15. Dr. Woman – White Ships
  16. Tactile Frequency – You Move Me
  17. Joe Wood – Alone

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