Top 5 favourite albums of each Electrozombies crew member 2018

Top 5 favourite albums of each Electrozombies crew member 2018

Apart from the Best albums 2018, which are simply rated by the over­all score of the reviews, every Electrozombies crew mem­ber has his/her own favour­ites. Here are the Top 5 albums in 2018 of each crew member.

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Thomas' top 5 favourite albums

IAMX - Alive In New Light

1. IAMX – Alive In New Light

'Alive In New Light' is a fant­ast­ic mel­an­chol­ic album with pos­it­ive and humble vibes that I have listened min­im­um a thou­sand times this year. This may sound strange, but to me and my per­son­al state of mind, it makes abso­lute sense and fur­ther I feel deeply con­nec­ted to the lyr­ics. So without any doubt, this is my per­son­al favour­ite for 2018. Thank you Chris Corner (IAMX).

Solar Fake - You Win. Who Cares?

2. Solar Fake – You Win. Who Cares?

The German Synthpop band 'Solar Fake' turned into one of my most favour­ite bands in gen­er­al in the few last years. The 2018s album 'You Win. Who Cares?' is an awe­some mas­ter­piece and great to dance. Always a bit dark­er com­bined with almost dysto­pi­an themed lyr­ics is def­in­itely my cup of tea.

Ashbury Heights - The Victorian Wallflowers - Upcoming album

3. Ashbury Heights – The Victorian Wallflowers

I had a hell ride of fun as I listen the first time Ashbury Heights' 'The Victorian Wallflowers'. One bom­bast­ic smash hit hunts the next! An almost flaw­less album that is made for a black fash­ioned party. To be goth can be fun is my truth after this album. My heart blooms in a vari­ety of black tones and keeps enough space for this album to stay forever.
De/Vision - Citybeats - Upcoming_album

4. De/Vision – Citybeats

Kept in mid-tempo and sur­roun­ded by ser­i­ous themes comes 'Citybeats' by 'De/Vision' in June 2018. I was instantly emo­tion­al touched by the bleak aura of the songs. And yes, 'Citybeats' is not an easy access album, but it gets bet­ter and bet­ter with each repeat. I espe­cially like the 'touched by sweet sad­ness' feel­ing on this album. It's bit­ter­sweet and so beautiful.

MINE - Unexpected Truth Within - Upcoming album

5. M.I.N.E – Unexpected Truth Within

I'm very sad about the fact that Camouflage's releases get less and less as the years go by. The more I was happy hear­ing that Marcus Meyn starts a second music­al pro­ject called 'M.I.N.E'. The album 'Unexpected Truth Within' sounds like a mix­ture between the typ­ic­al 'Camouflage' sound and rough Electrorock. Another high­light of 2018 that I would like to recom­mend to any­one who appre­ci­ates this combination.

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Vera's Top 5 favourite albums

Ghost - Prequelle1. Ghost – Prequelle

I really have to admit: I only recently fell totally for 'Ghost'. In 2011 I already saw them sup­port­ing 'In Flames' but just didn't really get the hang of it. Well, I did this year on Dynamo Festival. I rarely saw a band with such pres­ence on stage and such per­fec­tion. Their record 'Prequelle' is run­ning hot rota­tion with me because it is iron­ic, ear­wormy, clas­sic­al and fresh at the same time and it's like I've been wait­ing for a band like this for a very long time. I mean – really – what band is able to com­bine Metal, Aerobic, Sing-Along and traces of Satanism all at once?!

Night Club - Scary World - upcoming album2. Night Club – Scary World

Actually you just have to check my review on this record to know why I love it so much. Pretty much because of everything, to be exact. It is play­ful, yet totally on point. There's no phrase, no sound too much or out of place, it's fun and it's true in every kind of way. There have been many days since release when I sang the refrain of 'Scary World' inside my head, because it was all too true. Thanks to Emily and Mark for a piece of truth, hope and perfection!

IAMX - Alive In New Light3. IAMX – Alive In New Light

I sup­pose, every­one of us Electrozombies will name this album. Because it's SO GREAT! What describes it best for me are two words out of 'Stardust': Beauty, Violence. The record gath­ers its power from inter­weav­ing con­tra­dic­tions: fra­gile, but pom­pous; feel­ing every detail while cov­er­ing the whole mile; from the deep­est hol­low to the highest high. I can listen to it over and over again and it nev­er gets bor­ing. I love Kat von D.'s vocals which pair so well with Chris Corner's voice. Also his visu­al state­ments and videos are a delight to my design­ers' eyes. There are not many who are able to visu­al­ize with such a grandeur and exact­ness. Big hands to your huge cre­ativ­ity, Chris!

Orphaned Land - Unsung Prophets And Dead Messiahs4. Orphaned Land – Unsung Prophets And Dead Messiahs

Linking ori­ent­al influ­ences to european Progressive Metal is one of the best things that could have happened to music in my opin­ion. Not just because cul­tures are inter­twin­ing and get­ting the best out of each but because it's simply fun to listen to and a whole new world in an oth­er­wise pretty straight-for­ward genre. This new album leaves the reli­gious path 'Orphaned Land' has walked for long and it was a very good decision, because time deman­ded it and if you were born in such a torn place as Israel, I guess you just have to.

Rabia Sorda - The World Ends Today5. Rabia Sorda – The World Ends Today

Some time last year I stumbled across 'Rabia Sorda' by acci­dent and I instantly thought: There's a whole lot of poten­tial! When I saw them live at M'era Luna I was totally blown away – they are even more in-your-face than on record! And it's simply won­der­ful to slam-dance a bit with such somber-look­ing folks as Goths. What I really like about this album is the dirty pre­ci­sion the band estab­lishes. They're Punk, they're Metal, they're Electro, they're ger­man, they're mex­ic­an – I mean, what could pos­sibly go wrong?! My per­son­al favour­ites: 'Shut Up And Dance!' and 'Demolición'.


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Annika's top 5 favourite albums

Solar Fake - You Win. Who Cares?1. Solar Fake – You win. Who cares?

Why do I love this album so much? It simply cap­tures everything I adore about 'Solar Fake': the beauty of mel­an­choly, dark­ness and rage expressed with a vari­ety of beats and melod­ies to dance to or to just dwell on. I can’t remem­ber how often I got car­ried away by the won­der­ful sounds of 'Invisible' or how many times I pressed the rewind but­ton to replay 'Wrong Direction'. If you are intrigued and haven’t listened to the album yet, I sug­gest you do it right now and check my review to find out why this album made it to the top of my list.

Ghost - Prequelle

2. Ghost – Prequelle

This is by far the best dis­cov­ery I made in 2018 (thank you to my fel­low Electrozombie Vera)! The guys from 'Ghost' vir­tu­ously man­age to mix up 80’s style melod­ies and music­al ele­ments with met­al chords, such as in 'Rats' or 'Dance macabre'. I got hooked the first time I listened to these songs and they have been part of my playl­ist ever since. I just can’t wait to wit­ness one of their spec­tac­u­lar shows live on stage!

IAMX - Alive In New Light

3. IAMX – Alive In New Light

Chris Corner nev­er ceases to amaze me. Every single song, the music videos as well as the art­work make this album one fine piece of art. The lyr­ics, such as in 'Alive In New Light' or 'Stardust', per­fectly com­plete this elec­tron­ic jew­el. Every one of us at Electrozombies is intrigued to see 'IAMX' on tour in 2019 and I am sure he will exceed all our expectations.

VNV Nation - Noire - Upcoming album4. VNV Nation – Noire

After its pre­de­cessor 'Transnational', VNV Nation's new album 'Noire' did indeed come as a sur­prise. Although the three instru­ment­al pieces on the album are not really my cup of tea, the oth­er songs are def­in­itely worth listen­ing to. With songs like 'A Million', 'Immersed' or  'When Is The Future', this album either invites you on the dance floor or, altern­at­ively, on a con­tem­plat­ive jour­ney by com­bin­ing synth and future pop with dark and dysto­pi­an themes.

The Prodigy - No Tourists - upcoming album5. The Prodigy – No Tourists

I have seen 'The Prodigy' twice on stage and they really are fun! Still, I can’t deny hav­ing been skep­tic­al about their new­est release 'No Tourists'. Believe it or not, I listened to the album far more than once and I must say that I’ve grown to really like it. This is a 90’s throw­back mixed with the beats of their latest albums and you can’t help but dance along or at least tap your feet to the beats of 'Champions of London' or 'We live forever'.

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Stephanie's top 5 favourite albums

Ghost - Prequelle

1. Ghost – Prequelle

I was first intro­duced to Ghost through their cov­er of Depeche Mode's 'Waiting for the Night' and I've been hooked ever since. I've seen them three times in con­cert and while 'Prequelle' is quite dif­fer­ent from any­thing they've released before and I listened to it non-stop since its release this sum­mer. There isn't a bad song on the album, with my per­son­al favor­ites being 'Dance Macabre' and 'Witch Image.' Every listen gives you some­thing new to love.

Solar Fake - You Win. Who Cares?

2. Solar Fake – You Win. Who Cares?

Whenever I go see a band live, I nev­er look up the open­ing bands before hand because they're usu­ally a fun sur­prise; they're basic­ally a recom­mend­a­tion from your favor­ite band. I saw Solar Fake open for Aesthetic Perfection in 2016 and instantly became a fan. 'You Win. Who Cares?' is a great new album, dysto­pi­an and dark, a per­fect expan­sion to a stel­lar back catalog.

Emigrate - A Million Degrees3. Emigrate – A Million Degrees

Richard Kruspe's (Rammstein) oth­er pro­ject Emigrate recently put out a killer new album. The songs are catchy, I was singing along to 'Spitfire' halfway through my first listen. It's the per­fect album to listen to while driv­ing at night. There are some great fea­tured artists from bands I already love (Cardinal Copia of Ghost and Benjamin Kowalewicz of Billy Talent). It's a bold, pas­sion­ate album with a wide vari­ety of styles from rock to synthpop.

IAMX - Alive In New Light

4. IAMX – Alive in New Light

'Alive in New Light' is a beau­ti­ful emo­tion­al album. It's not a sur­prise that we've all picked this as our top five. The music res­on­ates and the lyr­ics are deep. This album is a mas­ter­piece, a true piece of son­ic art. The songs are diverse, and the lyr­ics bring you deep into Chris Corner's world. It's one I want to stay in and I'm so excited to see what 2019 brings.

Henric De La Cour - Gimme Daggers upcoming album5. Henric de la Cour – Gimme Daggers

Henric de la Cour's album 'Gimme Daggers' reminded me of how I fell in love with syn­thpop. It's dark and new wave, 80's style but also mod­ern. I love Henric's voice, I listened to him sing all through the end of 2018, because I couldn't stop listen­ing to this album. It's one to add to your col­lec­tion and one to add to your 2019 playl­ist if you haven't heard him yet.

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Intersections at a glance

Wow, what a trip! For me, it's an unex­pec­ted res­ult in the end. I mean 4 times IAMX – awe­some – Chris Corner's band is our per­son­al win­ner of 2018 favour­ite album. But who is this band 'Ghost' that the girls talk about? I gave it a listen and to me, it simply sounds like typ­ic­al 80s rock music. Sorry, I don't get it. Also 'Solar Fake' joined 3 times in our per­son­al favour­ite list. Congrats to Sven Friedrich and his bandmates.

What's your favourite album for 2018?

What's your opin­ion? Use the com­ment sec­tion below to tell us what 2018's album you can't listen enough and why.

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