Best Synth Pop music videos 2020

Best Synth Pop music videos 2020

Beautiful music videos don't have to be expensive

I love music video since I can think. In 2020, 25 music videos par­tic­u­larly impressed and cap­tiv­ated me. I would like to present them here in the list and I will also write what I espe­cially liked about the videos. Maybe some young bands will take these words as a ref­er­ence for 2021, so that we can see even more amaz­ing music videos.

The best Synth Pop music videos 2020 in no ranking order

Pet Shop Boys – Monkey Business

The offi­cial music video 'Monkey Business' by 'Pet Shop Boys' taken from the album 'Hotspot' is set in a kind of a high-soci­ety club in London. There are many illus­tri­ous people in the club who def­in­itely stand out every­where. The dance battles on a kind of cat­walk and the mull­ti­col­our dance floor are enter­tain­ing. Of course with sub­sequent dance cho­reo­graphy by the entire cast. The video exudes a lot of good vibes. Director: Vaughan Arnell.

Neil Tennant, Chris Lowe, Jenny Wickham, Joelle Dyson, Luke Featherstone, Tarek Khwiss, Harry Alexander, Gemma Knight, Oxana Pachenko, Ali Goldsmith, Ian Waller, Alistair Natkiel, Kathryn McGarr, Gavin Coward, Gary Murphy, Lewis Burton, Nathaniel Williams, Lydia Francis, Deborah Tracey, Julie Ann Minaii, Ray Noir, Sadiq Ali, Lia Anderson, Samantha Togni, Ralf Higgins, Sirena Simon, Eliza Nearn Shearn, Charlotte Gorton, Artemis Manias, Patience James, Minho Jung, Eloise Trippier, Amanda Harris, Amie Martin, Josephine Brook, Daisy Franklin, Adedamola Bademosi, Nicon Caraman, Mangala Harris, Nelson Holtz, Aima Indigo, Mark N, Adrian Naidas, Yasmin Ogbu, Helenna Ren, Rupert Shelbourne, Fran Targ, Juan Wei, Alistair Wroe.

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Hatari – Engin Miskunn

In the offi­cial music video 'Engin Miskunn' by 'Hatari', the band from Iceland shows that you can achieve a lot of effect with the right cos­tumes. The band is always artist­ic­ally pro­voc­at­ive and presents itself with a total­it­ari­an atti­tude. However, the band describes itself as anti-cap­it­al­ist and typ­ic­al gender roles do not exist. In the video, the band marches through the night to end up in a kind of cere­mony. But see for your­self! Director : Magnús Leifsson.

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Agonoize – A Vampire Tale (Bloodlust/ Blocks On The Floor)

Our team mem­ber Annika pos­ted the offi­cial music video 'A Vampire Tale (Bloodlust/ Blocks On The Floor)' by 'Agonoize'. I have to admit that I per­son­ally am not a big fan of the band. The music is too aggress­ive for me and I don't like to be shouted at when listen­ing to music. The video, how­ever, is really cool. Of course the idea to make a stop-motion video with Lego is not new, but as a music video with the right light­ing it is very well done here.

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IC3PEAK – Марш (Marsch)

The offi­cial music video 'Марш (March)' by the Russian band 'IC3PEAK' made a last­ing impres­sion on me. I vis­ited Moscow for the first time in 2018 without any expect­a­tions and I am impressed by this beau­ti­ful city. The intro of the video with the drums in a Russian metro sta­tion (prob­ably 3D rep­lica) dir­ectly shows the aes­thet­ic claim of the band. At this point I'm not sure if it's really filmed or if it's a 3D graph­ic, because the metro sta­tions in Moscow are the clean­est I've ever seen in my life. It becomes pro­voc­at­ive and start­ling when the drum­sticks are replaced by machine guns. It is obvi­ous that the video is a kind of anti-war cam­paign. This is fant­ast­ic­ally por­trayed with increas­ingly dis­turb­ing but artist­ic­ally valu­able images. You def­in­itely won't get the music video out of your head soon.

You should also watch: IC3PEAK – Плак-Плак

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PALAST – Oh, Pretty Woman

The band 'PALAST' has made a music video for their great and dark cov­er ver­sion of 'Pretty Woman' (Originally by Roy Orbison) that gets under your skin. The dir­ect­or Sascha Pace shows the tra­gic side of a pros­ti­tute with drastic images. A music video that leaves a mel­an­choly and bur­den­ing feeling.

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Freak Injection – Daddy Is The Devil

Here the band name says it all: 'Freak Injection' leave no cliché out in the offi­cial music video 'Daddy Is The Devil'. When it comes to Industrial Rock, I'm always only half in. The song isn't bad, but for my taste only mediocre. But the over-the-top video has everything and much more. We are talk­ing about: Sexy dev­il girls in glit­ter, a kind of freak cir­cus with first class cos­tumes, a BDSM disco loc­a­tion, lots of naked skin, uni­corns, clas­sic blue-viol­et Synthwave light­ing, glit­ter drugs and of course the dev­il him­self. Plus an unex­pec­ted ending!

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Empathy Test – Monsters

With the music video 'Monsters' from 'Empathy Test' taken from the same-titled album 'Monsters', the band shows what is pos­sible without much expense, but with a lot of cre­ativ­ity and cine­mat­ic skills. It's super excit­ing to see what can be staged in a car park with flick­er­ing lights and a cos­tume made from a bed sheet. It's obvi­ous that the sub­ject of sex is being por­trayed on film here, but I haven't seen this so fas­cin­at­ing in a long time. The music video was dir­ec­ted by award win­ning dir­ect­or Calum Macdiarmid.

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Depeche Mode – Soothe My Soul (Extended)

How do you make a great music video even bet­ter? The 2013 music video 'Soothe My Soul' from the album 'Delta Machine' by 'Depeche Mode' was released in 2020 in an 'exten­ded ver­sion' and offers about 1:17 minutes more foot­age. In beau­ti­ful, aes­thet­ic­ally soph­ist­ic­ated images, this is about the most beau­ti­ful sec­ond­ary thing in the world. By the way, vari­ous scenes in the video are NSFW. The black and white video in 1:1 format is dir­ec­ted by Warren Fu.

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Sirus – The Book Of Gates

The offi­cial music video 'The Book Of Gates' by Industrial band 'Sirus' is some­how simple but effect­ive. The drone foot­age of the Giza pyr­am­ids makes you think the video was shot in Kario (Egypt). However, it is more likely that the scenes with the band were filmed in their home coun­try Australia. At least that's my guess. But that's what makes the video inter­est­ing. The track is extremely var­ied and con­fuses the listen­er in an excit­ing way with com­plete sound twists. But back to the music video. Great cos­tumes in the clas­sic 'Mad Max 2' style and drums that are played even though they are on fire make even Rammstein turn green with envy.

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Priest – Dead Ringer

In 2020, Priest revealed their new masks in Motion in their new music video 'Dead Ringer' taken from the album 'Cyberhead'. The sta­ging is extremely effect­ive. With desat­ur­ated col­ours, the red ele­ments in the masks look more threat­en­ing. The video effects are indeed some­how nos­tal­gic, but at least they are used dis­creetly and remind me of the Japanese hor­ror film 'Uzumaki'. Directed by: Tom Waldton and Linton Rubino. See also the music video 'Thieves' from 'Priest'.

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Erasure – Nerves Of Steel

In gen­er­al, I think 'Erasure' make too few music videos. I don't count the numer­ous lyr­ic videos among them. So I found the music video 'Nerves Of Steel' from the album 'The Neon' all the more pleas­ing. A video full of per­fectly styled drag queens present­ing the fant­ast­ic Erasure song in a kind of karaoke. Great brightly col­oured images with vibrant col­ours let your eyes not be dis­trac­ted by any­thing else. The video almost hyp­not­ises you with its won­der­ful images. When watch­ing it for the first time, I had the feel­ing of sit­ting in a London pub/bar on a karaoke even­ing and enjoy­ing the per­fect entertainment.

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System Syn – Once Upon A Second Act

The offi­cial music video 'Once Upon A Second Act' by 'System Syn' taken from the same-titled album 'Once Upon A Second Act' comes around the corner in a simple black and white look. The video shots look very warm and organ­ic and fit per­fectly into the com­pos­i­tion with the 3D animations.

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Peaches – Flip This

I have to con­fess to my shame that I found the music video 'Flip This' by 'Peaches' really rub­bish at first. And I first thought: "Okay, this is a budget video shot in her own Berlin flat with an iPhone. Yeah, so ori­gin­al!". But then some­how it cap­tiv­ated me, like a bad acci­dent where you can't look away. But a little over halfway through, it gets a twist and Peaches comes out of the vocal booth in a really wacky cos­tume that I'd describe as weird goth sexy under­wear. I think a sim­il­ar spiky cos­tume was used by the Pet Shop Boys on the cov­er of their Single 'Vocal'. Is there a strange con­nec­tion or is it just coincidence?

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Corlyx – White Wolf

In their music video 'White Wolf', 'Corlyx' com­bine Instagram visu­als with an 80s music video storyline. So the storyline is pretty thin, but pretty cool staged. The cos­tumes are as always fant­ast­ic and fit the char­ac­ters. What I find really fas­cin­at­ing and dis­gust­ing are those all-black con­tact lenses.

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Dunkelsucht – This Is Fucking Mainstream!

Apart from the great music video 'This Is Fucking Mainstream' by 'Dunkelsucht', the track is also my uber hit of sum­mer 2020. Crisp beat, fresh sounds and awe­some to dance to. The shad­ow cos­tume with the red glow­ing eyes draws a lot of atten­tion from the begin­ning. The light­ing of the shots are per­fect and exciting.

My little high­light in the video is the scene with the pitch­fork, which is sup­posed to be a ref­er­ence of the fam­ous paint­ing 'American Gothic'. I'm cel­eb­rat­ing this so hard! I recog­nise so many par­od­ies in the video and hope I'm not just ima­gin­ing them. Table with skull = Project Pitchfork "Carnival" Cover (1:11), kiss­ing couple = Prince "Kiss" (1:38) or the car with red interi­or lights = Depeche Mode "Policy Of Truth" (1:44).

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Nina – The Calm Before The Storm

The offi­cial music video 'The Calm Before The Storm' by Synthwave act 'Nina' not only shows reg­u­lar foot­age from my favour­ite city (London), but also skil­fully uses neon lights. Many small details from video games, fash­ion accessor­ies and sim­il­ar typ­ic­al 80s things can be found in her videos. Nina lives and breathes the 80s style and its atti­tude. Great video with a nos­tal­gic feeling.

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Night Club – Gossip

The offi­cial music video 'Gossip' by 'Night Club' from the album 'Die Die Lullaby' presents itself with a lovely cheesy video with an 80s style. The video is again the best proof that you can make a vir­tue out of neces­sity. Shop for a few dol­lars in a Halloween shop, shoot for a day in front of a green screen, then add a pinch of post-pro­duc­tion with After Effects and boom.… a first-class, funny music video is ready. Good job!

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Danny Blu – White (K)night

With 'White (K)night', 'Danny Blu' has released a music video that is sexu­ally very pro­voc­at­ive and although there are no expli­cit nude scenes, I would clas­si­fy the video as NSFW. I men­tion this because in one scene Danny Blu and anoth­er man are naked facing each oth­er and both are 'con­nec­ted' with their penis in a sil­ver tube. I'll just leave the artist­ic inter­pret­a­tion open. Personally, I find the video appeal­ing and inter­est­ing with a touch of goth aes­thet­ics. Also check out the music video 'Love Me Bad' from 'Danny Blu'.

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Sammi Doll – AN OM IE

With great sur­prise 'Sammi Doll' (IAMX) releases the song and music video 'AN OM IE' and shows that she doesn't have to hide from any­one even solo. The music video is a gor­geous, visu­al gren­ade with 100% goth atti­tude. Sammi Doll' is even super sexy when she's in the bathtub covered in white slime and wear­ing an octopus on her head. Fun fact: The scenery in which Sammi per­forms on in front of the couch with all the pic­tures is the same set­ting as in the video 'Gods & Gold' from 'Aesthetic Perfection'. I hope we will hear and see a lot more of 'Sammi Doll'. I would be very happy about a solo album soon!

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Unify Separate – Solitude & I

I like sev­er­al things about the offi­cial music video 'Solitude & I' from 'Unify Separate' (formerly US). There are small details, but for me they make a good music video, made with a lot of heart and soul. The first shot is not new and has prob­ably been copied 100 times before: the fixed cam­era pos­i­tion on the bon­net reminds me of the music video 'Sabotage' by the 'Beastie Boys', which is also a super cool video. And then the car! A dysto­pi­an band vehicle ala 'Mad Max' style has been built here with little budget. Then quickly bought two dis­pos­able paint suits and an atom­iser from the DIY store and shot some­where in the out­back to cap­ture the per­fect dooms­day feel­ing. Thumbs up.

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Jorge Elbrecht – Perish (Feat. Geneva Jacuzzi)

The offi­cial music video 'Perish (Feat. Geneva Jacuzzi)' from 'Jorge Elbrecht' is a wild mix of SciFi and BDSM imagery. The first scene with the fly­ing stone head will surely be recog­nised by every older sci-fi fan as a ref­er­ence to the film 'Zardoz' (1974) with Sean Connery. Geneva Jacuzzi presents her­self in the video wear­ing a latex suit in a kind of total­it­ari­an style. The envir­on­ment is a curi­ous mix of antique Greek archi­tec­ture and myth­o­logy with some Space Age futur­ist­ic build­ings and effects.

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GusGus – Higher (Feat. VÖK)

Hypnotising in sound and image is the offi­cial music video 'Higher (Feat. VÖK)' by 'GusGus'. The image present­a­tion is very clean and strongly artist­ic. The digit­al cop­ies of the 'dan­cers' is in prin­ciple a simple effect and also not new, but here used eleg­antly and very effectively.

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Kiberspassk – Derevna

Yes, the song is very very stress­ful and not my cup of tea. The ultra cool offi­cial music video 'Derevna' from 'Kiberspassk' was prob­ably shot some­where in the Russian no man's land. I don't need to say much about the fant­ast­ic cos­tumes. The squid cos­tume is incred­ibly ori­gin­al and I haven't seen it like that before. I'm look­ing for­ward to see­ing someone wear­ing it at a goth fest­iv­al. Is this the new Russian tra­di­tion­al goth look? I don't know, but for me it's one of the best Goth out­fits of 2020!

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Czarina – Burn (The Cure Cover)

Another cov­er ver­sion takes a pos­i­tion for the best Synth Pop music video 2020. It is the music video 'Burn (The Cure Cover)' per­formed by 'Czarina'. Filmed in a set­ting full of lux­uri­ous objects made of pre­cious metals, glit­ter, curi­os­it­ies and fancy masks, the sing­er Czarina can live out dif­fer­ent char­ac­ters. From the Queen of Hearts from 'Alice in Wonderland' over a sexy mar­tial arts fight­er to a dom­in­atrix with a whip. And by the way, the cov­er ver­sion of 'The Cure' song is pretty damn well done. If you like 'The Cure' and this cov­er ver­sion, then you should def­in­itely listen to our trib­ute com­pil­a­tion 'Curation – An Electrozombies Tribute To The Cure'.

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XHOANA X – Deepest Pleasure

"When you end up get­ting more than you expec­ted": that's what I thought of the music video 'Deepest Pleasure' made by ' XHOANA X'. The track is already kind of cool and pro­vokes through the lyr­ics with expli­cit con­tent. With the mind­set of see­ing a typ­ic­al sexy Dark Pop video, I was very sur­prised at the end with a really sin­is­ter twist. I won't spoil it now, just watch it at your leisure.


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  1. Hey! Those vids are great, and some of songs are my favs of 2020 too! 

    In 2020 our band had a debut in AlfaMartix records. We did a clip too but we’re a new­com­mers so I bet you haven’t watched it yet. I think that for really low budget we did pretty good job! Heres the link!

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