Color Theory – Trick Of The Light

Color Theory - Trick Of The LightMinimalist and almost bal­lad-like, the song 'Trick Of The Light' by the US band 'Color Theory' sets the mood. A song full of beau­ti­ful mel­an­choly that takes you back in time to nos­tal­gia. Acoustically, the synth pop song also fits more into the mid-90s and would have fit very well in a playl­ist between Wolfsheim and Beborn Beton. 'Trick of the Light' is a very emo­tion­al song that looks deep­er into the soul than one would wish.

For Depeche Mode fans, 'Color Theory', aka synth-pop artist Brian Hazard, should not be an unknown act. The song 'Ponytail Girl' haunted the net in the 90s as a lost Depeche Mode B‑side. The artist has also shown his love for the British band with the trib­ute 'Color Theory Presents Depeche Mode'.

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Lyrics of 'Color Theory – Trick Of The Light'

You’ve been forgotten
For months and moments
Enough to make me
Scream that I don’t love you

But when I’m driving
Alone at midnight
I scan the sidestreets
For signs of you

Can’t leave it alone
To think that you were right
It’s like you’re still here
In the corner of my eye
Tip of the tongue
Trick of the light

This expect­a­tion
Is my creation
I know it isn’t healthy
To dwell on this

The sharp sensation
Of hun­ger­ing for
Something different

Color Theory about 'Trick Of The Light'

“Trick of the Light” is about the sort of rela­tion­ship you can nev­er fully let go of. It's been years since you've seen each oth­er, but driv­ing home in the middle of the night, you still scan the sidestreets for signs of her. She always seems to be hid­ing in the corner of your eye, a trick of the light. This one adopts more of a post-punk sound than my usu­al synth-heavy arrange­ments, a sort of mel­an­choly minimalism.

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