Pineapple The Project – Magic

Pineapple The Project - MagicThe song 'Magic' by the Swedish artist 'Pineapple The Project' floats deep into the aud­it­ory canal with a touch of light­ness.

With many atmo­spher­ic sur­face sounds, which in prin­ciple are not really my cup of tea, the song man­ages to give me inner peace. In com­bin­a­tion with min­im­al sound and the soul­ful vocals, the song actu­ally suc­ceeds in trig­ger­ing a phys­ic­al reac­tion. At least that's how I felt it. Listen to it and let the song 'Magic' enchant you.

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Listen to 'Pineapple The Project – Magic' on Spotify

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