Skylark - Dark Space
The melancholic song 'Dark Space' by the Swedish band 'Skylark' is gentle, harmonious and above all characterised by sadness.
Gogh Gogh - SpaceBabe
Hey, I have a hot new track to share with you all. It's called 'SpaceBabe' and it's from the talented artist 'Gogh Gogh',
Moonraker Six - Sleepless
Moonraker Six's latest track 'Sleepless' features crisp off-beats and cyberpunk-like synth sounds that create a moody and dark atmosphere. 
Coolmowee - Life Of A Robot
With a lot of energy, pressure and cool sci-fi sounds, the synth pop song 'Life Of A Robot' by the Canadian artist 'Coolmowee' takes off.
Dark - Desire
The official music video of 'Desire' by 'Dark' is not allowed for embedding on other sites due to the age restriction. We link to the video here.