Scandroid - The Darkness
Unfortunately, this time I'm not that convinced of the third work 'The Darkness'. I hope that 'The Light' in 2019 will have more to offer.
Zardonic - Become
Zardonic's latest album 'Become' is the best example, that dancing is not about ignoring and denying. Read now in our Radar section about this release.
Mechatronic - Still Life
If you are true avant-garde's and you like the energetic and lovely and uncompromising sounds, "Still Life" is probably the album of your dreams.
Palais Ideal - No Signal
Awesome Darkwave from the Netherlands. New wave music for emotional engagement, intellectual stimulation, energetic dancing and nostalgic enjoyment!
The Rain Within - Atomic Eyes
If you like Scandroid, then check this out.Atomic Eyes is the latest release for The Rain Within and is easily the band's most ambitious work to date.
The Frozen Autumn - The Fellow Traveller
'The Fellow Traveler' convinces with sophisticated songs, which were written for real album listeners and do not adhere to passing Gothic or Wave clichés, but remain true to their style.
Ryga - Catch Her Groove
'Ryga' is the most provocative band from the Baltic states, the capital city of Latvia. They bring you the sound of electronic and dance music with a true punk attitude.
Neonsol - Another Day
Neonsol’s characteristically powerful, introspective songwriting reminiscent of The Cure at their best; and the Another Day EP is set to become an instant favourite.
Ideon - Ideon
A journey through romance and desolation, love and fear, neon and ashes. This is the essence of the debut EP 'After The Fallout' by 'Ideon'.